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Friday, January 7, 2011

Malkam Genna!!

It happened for us, a couple weeks ago. Today, however, Ethiopia celebrates Genna...Christmas.

I love that what we (as a continent) seem to be seeking to achieve - simply celebrating with Reason - the Ethiopians have accomplished.

[...] As in other Orthodox lands Christmas is preceded by 40 days of fasting in which no meat or animal products are eaten. Also Christmas is celebrated January 7th, according to the old Julian calendar. However in Ethiopia more than in many countries Christmas or Genna as it is called in Amharic a language of Ethiopia, is strictly a religious holiday. In fact Christmas is not even the most important religious holiday in Ethiopia. Easter ranks first in importance and Timkat, or the baptism of Christ is second. Christmas is the third.

Also Christmas is not such a commercial event in Ethiopia as it is in the west. Gifts are not exchanged or if they are given are usually small. Children may get new cloths. It is however very much a family and community oriented day.

Malkam genna! Merry Christmas in Amharic.


Anna said...

Malkam Genna to you too!

Sharon said...

Malkam Genna to you and it is so good that we can learn and take from others the way the celebrate. It is true that Easter is more important, for if Jesus didn't die and rose again for my sins, I would be in a very bad way. Malkam Genna to you again.