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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy Snow Batman

After an incredible dump of snow yesterday, we went out for a short while - until some of us realized the depth to which it fell.

{classic shot - love it}

{don't let the innocent look fool you - garbage eater}

Little legs can only go so far without giving out.

The first official no-school-snow-day in our house was actually quite enjoyable. Jammies for the better part...a hair cut, bubble baths, and frozen banana pops. What?! Banana pops? Well, what else would you do on a freezing day but eat frozen foods.

We took this recipe and gave it a healthy twist.

Yes, us.



Well, their combo included hot chocolate (perhaps the second time in this house ever - the first being our last snow day). And, these two small children, systems shocked by sugar, makes for a rough crash at the end. So, we toned it down.

Stamp of approval received.

1 comment:

Lola said...

Tuck's hoping for some diapers to eat soon. :) Your snow looks fun and the banana pops we will have to try.