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Thursday, September 18, 2008

H20...A Journey Of Faith

We started a new series in our Life Group last night called H20. These next 10 weeks will be a journey... a more in-depth glimpse into faith & the life of Jesus. Aimed at non-believers, those of us who already know the Savior will undoubtedly learn more.

Last night we talked about Thirst. And, CS Lewis (in his book Mere Christianity) simply and accurately described once again the proof that Jesus is all and everything we need. I know I don't usually get "religious" or over the top when it comes to my faith and Christianity on this blog, but if you're not a believer - because you've been turned away or because you simply don't think you have the time or "religion" is just not your thing - I would encourage you to continue with me for just a few seconds. (I plan to post about this in the weeks to follow too.)

Last night ourgroup discussed the fact that there is no need we have or are born with that cannot be filled. If we are hungry, we find food. If we are sad, we cry. When we are tired, we lay our heads down and sleep. However we all need something more.

We long for meaning in life...
  • why am I here?
  • what is my purpose on earth?
  • what is this all for?

And the answers...
  • will love fill me?
  • will money take care of all my worries and needs?
  • will tangible things like a bigger house, a newer car, the most in-style clothes
...can they possibly fill this void.

What if there is nothing in this world that will fill the emptiness? We need to seek something higher, something more spiritual, something that is "out of this world". CS Lewis concludes that his God (that's my God too) is the only One who will fill this void; this eternal meaning for our life. It is here resting in the arms of Jesus, where we will find peace and understanding that will transcend all other meaning.

I am resting easy in this.

I am comforted in knowing that finding purpose is not in vain, that disappointments will inevitably happen; that I will never have the nicest house, or perfect life (although I feel pretty close!). I have been put on this earth for a reason and everyday I seek His desire for my life...because when I thirst, He is there.

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