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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CIC...Don't Be Afraid

For some reason, filing with Canada Immigration & Customs freaks me out. Kind of that "being pulled over for speeding" in-the-pit-of-my stomach feeling. (For me, that would be right up there with the "speaking in front of a huge audience...I want to throw up", feeling. And by large audience I would mean 20 or more people...don't laugh, I'm serious.) Urg I hate that. I'm not sure why. The form while not intimidating, had that "fill me out perfectly or else" feel to it.

But, it's done. Our fees have been paid and the application is somewhere between here and Sydney, Nova Scotia. I know what you're thinking: Nova Scotia?...seriously? Why not Toronto or Ottawa? That's where all of this really official stuff seems to take place.

Anyhow, now (drum roll please...) we wait some more.

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Anonymous said...

Good things happen in Nova Scotia.

Remember that is were Papa and I were born and we each lived there for a while too. Hard to believe we both had to move to New Brunswick to find each other.

I am happy and wish the waiting was over.