The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Will She Like Us, Mama?"

That's what Noah asked me the other night after our Adoption Fundraising Yard Sale. We had a very successful day and raised more than I had prayed specifically for. There is still are few dollars here and there trickling in but we raised over $1750! It was very exciting and affirming to have so many friends supporting us.

On Saturday evening the boys are I were sitting down to supper. I wandered over to the kitchen to grab something and as I was doing so Noah, out of the blue asked, "Mama, do you think our baby sister will like us?". (Insert "awwww" here.) I think my heart may have melted in that instant. "Yes bud, I think she will love us very very much." Such deep, kind thoughts and questions for such a little boy. It's so thought-provoking, some of the things that pass through the minds of little ones. Maybe we think them but our self-esteem, or concern of social acceptance doesn't allow us to voice them. Maybe, as I have, we just assume our children will love us. What other option is there. How remarkable that a 3 year old would wonder if the sister he has never met (who may not be born) will even like him. His sweetness and thoughtfulness is often mature beyond his years.

I will save the next "baby sister" story for tomorrow.