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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Three Little Words

I have been struggling a bit lately with why I feel so passionate about adoption; specifically from an impoverished country. I know why in my heart, but sometimes thoughts can be impossible to put into words.

a) Why is fostering a child for $1 a day not enough?

b) Why is there this heart-wrenching desire, this lump-in-my-throat need, to actually change the future of our family? (Our grand-children will likely be biracial, some play groups we attend will likely be comprised of both biological and adopted children, our boys will be confronted at school with questions they would not otherwise have given a second thought, and our family will take on a new dynamic.)

c) Why can I not be satisfied with purchasing a chicken, a goat, or heck a whole farmyard of animals to support a village somewhere far off each Christmas?

And the list continues.

While those are all good, genuinely giving (and necessary!) things to do, it just doesn't sit well in the "I've done all I can" part of me. While reading an article the other day (posted below, also) three little words hit me. That was it. Those three words resonated as "the reason" this is why we have been called to do what we are doing and following this passion:


We get to change the outcome of one family's generations to come. This child will not have to worry about the possibility (likelihood) of being kidnapped for marriage...and I use the word 'kidnap' because she would probably be about 11-13 yrs old...just a kid.

She will not ever have to think of where her next meal will come from...or if there will be a next meal. She will have the comforts of two loving parents and brothers, a bed in her own room with a solid roof over her head. Everyday.

I don't think the world is a fair place. I don't think that this is the path we should all rush out and pursue. I do, however, know that we are blessed. Blessed by the fact that we have been born into a society where even the poor are rich, where we choose who and when we will marry, that we love who we marry, that we determine the "right" time to start our family - and that our family is born out of love. We are blessed by the opportunity to change a generation and we will follow this journey to it's completion.

And, completion will be so sweet.

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