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Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Fun For Little Boys

As with all summers, we're of course busy! But, we've had a few little adventures, parties, and laughs so far...and thought we'd share the love with our faithful readers. Even the backyard seems more fun this year, as Tait is no longer a blob (sorry buddy) and can run around. Noah calls the backyard, our field. "Can I play in the field with no shoes on, Mama?" he'll often ask.
It's a treat to run around barefoot in the grass as I am the mean Mum at camp who makes her kids keep their shoes on. My Mum was the mean one too and I figure I turned out ok so why not follow in her footsteps. Ha ha.

Tait, while not really talking much yet, can definitely sign a few words and is very familiar with 'NO', which sort of sounds like "NEW" but accompanied by a vigorously shaking head and there's no mistaking it. "Ha Da" with a wave is "Hi ____" (fill-in-your-name). It's quite cute as he keeps his arm still and moves his hand back and forth...some friends joke that it is his royal wave. The other phrase, now decipherable is, "Uh Duh" which is code for "I understand". Funny, you always think your kids first words will be Mama, Daddy, dog, etc...not "I understand." He's quite the character.
We had our 7th of 8 homestudy interviews last week. By far, it was the most challenging. However, we're close to the end of this leg of the journey. Our papers are alllllll notarized and our agency pretty much has everything else from us that they need.
We are holding a HUGE Yard Sale this Saturday (19th for anyone who lives close). We've been very encouraged by the amount of stuff people have donated. Everything from a large (newish) TV, to a crib, bikes, glass shelving units, sewing machines, etc. All purchases will be by donation and we're having a bake sale organized by a fantastic person at our church. Now, let the sorting begin! (This part is a little daunting.)
Enjoy the pictures!

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