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Monday, June 9, 2008

Photos For African Orphans

My Dad was telling me about this photographer he read about lately, Grant Faint. Faint was originally recruited by the reknown company, Geddes Images. I believe he still works for them, however, he has another mission in mind.

Faint takes incredible (!!) photos of people, animals, scenery from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia and he has posted the best and his favourites on his site. Here is what seals the deal: the cost is $49 for 1 photo (it's a huge photo), plus postage. But, the photos are sold by donation. The $49 is a guideline so you know the minimum cost of "production". If you want to pay more for a photo you can (and should!). And, while he does not state the cost of postage he does say that it is not included in the $49. He will actually eat the cost of postage if you do not pay it!!!

So, why not barely pay for the cost of the photo and then skip paying for postage. YOUR CONSCIENCE for one. The second reason is that 100% (yes people, 100%!) of the proceeds from each photo sold goes to Orphan Children in Tanzania. Now who does that nowadays? When everyone is out there to make an extra buck or two, this guy is giving it all back, (and then some) to these african children (who are likely happy spirited kids) who have lost their parents to aids.

I guess you don't have to actually be living in Africa to be an African Missionary.

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