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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah

Well, there it is. My youngest is 3. He gets more and more thoughtful everyday...and he mimicks me more and more everyday...this is not always a good thing. Overall, Noah has the sweetest disposition I think a toddler could have...biased maybe?

We were shoveling bark mulch yesterday, me with the big shovel and Noah with his tiny hand held "tonka" shovel. "Tanx for helping, Mama. You're doing good work," he would say, periodically. No problem, bud.

The theme this year was Cars.
Noah is slightly obsessed (as I hear many boys his age are,)
with tiny cars. I would say he cashed in. Our friend,
Tracy created the most incredible of cakes and the look on Noah's face when he saw the "Mator" that he would soon be allowed to eat was priceless.


Anonymous said...

Grandma wishes she was there Noah.
Glad you had a great birthday.
Love you very much.

California Girl said...

Hey Ashleigh, thanks for your prayers, Amber's dad is on the mend and doing very well! Even cracking jokes!
Can't believe Noah is 3!