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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maritime Adventures

Well, here we are in New Brunswick...
We've had a great time so far...playing with cousins, playing with grandparents, enjoying the sun,
and family time.

The boys have been really great.
So good that we didn't realize Tait was quite sick until we took him to a walk-in clinic a couple of days ago. He's quite the trooper - a double ear infection, throat infection, and something bad enough in his lungs that it could (have?) turn into bronchitis or worse. Poor guy is on a nebulizer, a steroid inhaler, and antibiotics. We're hoping he gets better really quickly as we are scheduled to leave on Tuesday evening.
We're looking forward to going home...the comforts of a routine and our own beds. This has been a really fun time though as it's the first time Noah will really remember well, all the things we have done.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma and Papa have enjoyed having everyone visit...I know we will miss you very much where you leave today. We love you and thank-you for the great memories.