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Sunday, April 6, 2008

How "Imagine Adoption" Got It's Name

On February 14, 2008 Kids Link International (our Ethiopian Facilitator) officially changed it's name to Imagine Adoption. Sue Hayhow, the Executive Director of Imagine explains the reasoning behind this change:

..."International adoption is more than bringing a family and child together. It has a limitless depth to it, which extends globally on multiple levels.

Our core values are pure and life changing for every individual who is touched by the adoption experience...

It all begins with understanding the global need within developing countries – which is where we are moved to action by bringing hope to a needy child, and placing them into a loving Canadian home – thereby bringing ultimate fulfillment to an adoptive parent’s dream. At this point the extended family has a raised level of awareness surrounding the child’s birth country, which provides an opportunity for them to learn more about the “big picture” – and what they can do to address the present global imbalance. Beyond the extended family is the community in which the child will live. We recognize that everyone from neighbors, to elementary school teachers and peers, to local and community services, to provincial bodies, will all influence and be influenced throughout the course of the adopted child’s life.

When you travel to the foreign country to bring your child home, you are ambassadors of Canada – you are bridging the gap between our two countries – which brings the whole process full circle – back to understanding our roles as individuals and families to a world in need."

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This is so true as I have been looking into information about "little one's" birth country.