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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Highs and Lows. Sugar and Stitches. Guardian Angels.

I should clarify. Thursday was just a fun day for the most part. It was topped off with a bi-monthly email highlighting a record number of referrals for the month, allowing us to bi-pass a certain decision that could have needed to be made, had there been a continued standstill. A lot of prayer and faith went into that one and we are so grateful for the outcome. Following that was the announcement of yet another referral movin' us on up. Proceeding that still, was the realization of the few prior to us who have the (exact) request mirroring ours. All good. All great, actually.

Another high included the initial use of a Happy Light, on loan from a good friend. Living in BC has it's many advantages but the continual gray ain't one of them. So, while no medical diagnoses was made (or needed), a certain BA in psychology coupled with a noticeable difference in mood was motivation enough to turn that bad boy on. After only a half week in, I'd say it's worth it's weight in gold.

After a memorable Christmas party Friday night, we (all) went to bed late anticipating a Saturday full of carpet removal. The day started out slowly with much coffee. After that we started to get to it...preparation more than anything.

I hopped in the shower and after a few minutes, the calling of my name by one male adult voice was enough to make my heart skip a beat and allow the maternal "oh no" instinct to take over.

It seems (without going in to detail as they really aren't necessary,) that one small boy had a run-in with a (yes, real metal) golf club...head first.

Suffice to say we have boys. Trips to the ER are inevitable. Accidents happen. And life goes on.

Not without six stitches though.

And I hope never to see my son's skull bone again...okay, what the nurse and I assumed to be his skull was, in fact the muscles which reside on top of the skull bone - we'll let the actual PhD be the voice on that one. Um, yuck - either way.

After an hour of checking in, questioning, vitals checks, more questions, a bit more waiting, some topical numbing cream, six games of "X and O" (he won - four to two - that only seemed fair), the doctor was ready. As brave as can be, he squeezed my hand when the needle punctured with freezing...several times. Then, face covered with only the wound visible, the Doc got to work. And the eldest little boy, exhausted from the night before and the events of the morning, fell asleep while his skull was being sutured.

And, as anticipated: he bounced right back.

The Kinder Surprise likely helped.

We returned home and were thankful as we looked at the location of the golf-club-wound. Any more south and there would have been major eye damage. Any more east (his) and it would have been temple-city. Either way, what was a painful wound could have been significantly more so. This, we do not take for granted.

And after lunch (yes, this all happened before noon,) carpet removal continued.

The end product result is going to look great. Bye bye 1979.


Gretta said...

Wow, Noah. Way to go! You are so brave and I can't wait to hear your version of the story. :)

Lola said...

oh poor Noah. What a brave boy. Can't wait to see what the floor looks like without the brown shag. That's a big area to replace flooring in.